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AGC manufactures several brands of highly pure microspherical silica gels. The perfectly spherical shape of these particles enhances the performance of
skincare products. They also enable better chromatography columns, higher strength 3D printing resins and cost-effective binders and fillers. These silica gels provide excellent catalyst supports for polyolefin polymerization and are used in the synthesis of organic compounds. They come in a wide range of sizes, weights and pore sizes to suit specific application needs.


These microsphere particles are environmentally safe, non-nanoparticle, non-plastic, non-petroleum ingredients that enhance the performance of skincare and cosmetics.


These particles enable higher loading capacity with lower column back pressure while providing good separation.


These silica particles play an important role in conjunction with the catalyst for polyolefin polymerization and the synthesis of organic compounds.


These microspherical silica gel particles provide many functionalities for 3D printing resin formulations including tensile strength, flexural strength, dimensional stability and thermal resistance.


These particles are used as fillers for polymeric resins and inorganic coatings, as well as heat- and chemical-resistant paint materials.


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