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There has never been a non-fluorinated sizing additive that could protect paper products like fast-food containers from both water and food oils. That has changed with AGC’s development of a new wet-end additive that can be added to fibers during production. This next generation material science solution will replace current technology that is being phased…


Components inside devices can corrode when exposed to contaminants and moisture. This corrosion can reduce electronic performance and cause electrical shorts and device failure. Manufacturers use specialized coatings to protect these sensitive components. Factors to consider when selecting coating materials for electronics are the service environment, the component’s life span and the cost of the…


Precision cleaning is frequently defined as the removal of particles less than a micron. This cleaning is required prior to assembly to ensure the safety and integrity of technically sophisticated parts and components. These include parts used in the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries that could impact product performance if not properly decontaminated. In…


Water-in-oil (W/O) sunscreens have always been an industry challenge because achieving the required SPF with minerals created a greasy, unappealing product. AGC and its partner ACT Solutions have succeeded in creating effective mineral formulations without these aesthetic problems. Adding SOLESPHERE™ porous and nonporous silica gels to formulations makes it possible to produce sunscreens and makeup with…


Created in 1972 by AGC, Fluon® ETFE high-performance fluoropolymer resins have been used in hundreds of different applications worldwide including tubing, piping, wire/cable coatings, hoses, architectural films, valves and other components. When made with ETFE melt-processable resins or films, these components are physically tough and able to withstand extreme conditions, chemicals, UV and weather. For…


Our new SNAP-approved AMOLEA™ AS-300 and AS-300AT solvents are helping to lead the way in providing environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives. They are not categorized as hazardous air pollutants, have a global warming potential of less than one and have higher exposure limits. They can be used in a vapor degreaser and are ideal replacements for…


While you are watching the Big Game on Sunday, take a minute to look up from the excitement on the field. That’s AGC’s ETFE film covering on Sofi Stadium’s state-of-the-art roof! Fluon® ETFE is a fluoropolymer film that has been used in some of the world’s most creative architectural structures. This high-performance building material is…

sustainability goals


Climate change is a global issue that has become a serious topic gaining momentum around the world. As more and more businesses pledge efforts toward carbon neutrality, we understand the necessity of offering solutions that are environmentally sustainable while also providing equal, if not higher, performance value to the products being phased out. We take…

AGC testing lab capabilities


As a leading global supplier of fluorochemicals and materials, AGC is committed to upholding the highest quality standards across all of our product lines. But you need to consider more than just quality when selecting a product to add to your formulation. You also need to ensure that it’s the right fit for the application….

ideal fillers for PTFE


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that is widely popular because of its numerous benefits that can be adapted for use across a variety of industries and applications. The unique properties of PTFE make it useful for both domestic and commercial applications. These properties include: A very high melting point of 327 °C…

AGC Chemicals
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